Ana White Lap Desk

You know... it's been a crazy few months. All of April I was asking myself "where did March go?". And now I feel like I'm asking myself "where did April go?" as well. I've been working like a crazy person until about a week ago. I've seen my colleagues about 10 times more than my husband, and I've started getting texts and facebook messages from my friends saying, "are you still alive?". Last weekend, I literally slept for 2 straight days... my first real weekend off in about 2 months. It was glorious. This last week I only worked 45 hours. It felt like a vacation. What to do with all of this extra time?! I don't want to make it sound like I'm whining or complaining about work... I absolutely love my job. So much that it's been my entire life since my husband and I got back from our vacation back in February. I've just been... tired. Too tired to build. I woke up on Saturday morning so excited to get into the garage and build something... anything. I've had materials for about 3 projects ready to go, I just need to build them. But, I derailed from my building plans to build this lap desk for my best friend, Brina, for her birthday. (You may remember the side tables I built for her a while back.) She's going to nursing school and also carrying 2 jobs... that girl is superwoman. What I love about this design is all of the extra storage inside of the desk. Room for her to keep her extra papers and highlighters both inside the top and also in the side compartments. I modified Ana's design a little bit to use my Kreg Jig and get tighter joints and have less holes to fill. (It's so cute seeing Ana's plans pre-Jig and see how far she's come!) For example, I assembled the sides as entire pieces and then attached them to the center box rather than screwing all of the pieces into the center individually. The best part about this desk? It cost me $0. That's right. Awesome birthday present that she loved for $0. I had the extra set of hinges from another project and used all wood scraps. I also have a collection of spray paint colors that I bought because I really like them, not necessarily because I have a project in mind for them. (The paint color is "hot pink" spray paint by Valspar that I purchased at Lowes. It has 2 coats of paint with a layer of Killz Odorless Spray Primer underneath.) While I felt a little rusty having not built anything for about 2 months, I started building at about 10AM and left my house with the desk in hand at about 5:15. Not too shabby to build and finish the entire piece, huh? For the full project plan, here is the link on Ana's site.

Sunda Bed Plans

First and foremost, I want to say thank you.  Thank you very much to Ana White for all of your support - you are the reason I, and so many others, ever tried to do anything myself.  Thank you so much for all of you who read my little blog.  For all of you who comment on my posts and fan the blog on facebook.  Old Paint Design has only been around a little over a month, and I already feel an outpouring of love from you guys.  You make me want to blog better and build more, so thank you.  I blog for myself, so that I can share what I love, but I also blog for all of you.  So that I can share what I do and hopefully help you guys to get exactly what you want for a fraction of the price.  If I can inspire one person to look at a Pottery Barn catalog or a dream bathroom with determination that they could build it rather than feel the despair of the price tag, I have done my job. That being said, blogging is not my full time job.  I work full time for a Visual Effects company working on feature films.  I love my job, but it's a demanding job, and it demands a lot of my time.  Which means I can't post every day like I would like to.  And, I can't build everything I would like to.  But, I want you guys to still be able to frequently get great, quality plans from me, which is why I'm trying this out. I'm still going to build and DIY every single spare second I have because it's what I love.  But, if I can post awesome plans without necessarily having to build every single one of them, I feel that you guys can only benefit from that.  More plans = more opportunities to build = more great furniture in your houses.  So, I'm trying this concept out today with some great bed plans... let me know what you guys think! Another thing that I plan on doing within the next week or so is adding a "suggestion box" to the side of the page so that you guys can submit things that you'd like to see plans for or ways that OPD can improve.  I want you guys to get what you want, and I'm here to help you. I fell in love with another Pottery Barn piece recently.  (I'm sure you're all shocked, haha.)  Their Sumatra Bed  is just so gorgeous and elegant, but still rustic at the same time.  I knew I had to make plans for it.  This plan is for a queen sized bed, but they are easily adapted to a full or twin.  Check out the plans after the jump! Continue reading "Sunda Bed Plans"