Stacy Daybed

I was so excited when my good friend, Stacy, of People Just Float decided to come down for a building visit.  She lives up in the bay area, so I very rarely get to see her.  (Luckily her twin sister lives down here in LA, so can use her to lure Stacy into my garage.)  Stacy is the one who originally introduced me to Ana White and the world of DIY, and I will forever be grateful to her. Stacy wanted a daybed that she could use as a sofa, but also could double as a bed for guests.  She loved Ana's Rectangles Day Bed based on West Elm's Windows Daybed, but wanted something a little different.  I have an out of control obsession with all things herringbone, so I suggested we try to mimic that look with lumber.  I sent her my sketch-up pictures and she was very trustingly on-board.  (Pun intended.) Although this was Stacy's first furniture building project, she was absolutely amazing.  A natural.  Seriously.  There were times when we were just working and didn't need to talk to each other because we knew what to do.  I'm usually kind of a lone wolf when it comes to my projects, but Stacy can come crash my garage anytime (wink wink). That being said, I would not recommend this as anyone else's first project.  The pattern with the mitered cuts is deceptively tricky.  But, in my opinion, well worth the effort as ours turned out great. Continue reading "Stacy Daybed"