Madison Bedside Table

Well, guys... it's been a while.  And, I'm sorry.  Work has been the most out of control that it's been for me in years.  Lots of late nights, midnight conference calls, and harsh deadlines have been going on at my office to get the latest movie we've been working on out the door.  We have one more big project we're working on right now that's wrapping up, but after that's over I'm really hoping we get a break so that I can do more of what I love... building.  Now that it's spring time I have so many outdoor projects I want to do.  I just need more time to do them!

I want to thank all of you who've stuck with me.  I really do have the most kind and loyal readers that anyone could ask for.  I apologize for not answering your comments, responding to emails, doing all of the things that I'm usually so on top of.  Your patience is appreciated, and I promise I don't take it for granted.

Since I've been so MIA, I wanted the first thing I came back with to be something that was "reader requested".  Special thanks to Jessica for emailing me about expanding the Madison Collection!  Based on the Chelsea Bedside Table by PB Teen, this side table goes great with the Madison Dresser and Platform Bed with Cubby.

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Madison Dresser

We all have favorites.  Lets not even pretend like we don't.  And this dresser is my favorite piece I've ever made.  Ever.  Even better than Napoleon who was the reigning champion for a really long time.  Did you ever make something and then stare at it for hours on end thinking "Holy crap.  I actually made that!"?  Yeah, that's been me for the past few days over this dresser.  Even the husband is super impressed.  He's told me several times that it's "the best thing I've ever built", and I totally believe him. This dresser was not easy.  Or quick.  It was incredibly challenging, and I'd like to consider myself to be a pretty proficient builder.  It took me a total of 6 1/2 days to make it, start to finish.  So, go into this warned: If you decide to build Madison for yourself, she will consume your soul for a long time.  This is not a weekend build, friends.  This is a please-let-me-out-of-work-early-so-I-can-keep-working-on-my-dresser build. In order to make this a little easier for you guys to build, I've included some "helpful hints" and additional pictures in the project plan to help you ensure accurate placement.  When I build, I can usually hear myself saying things in my head like, "meh, that looks like about a 1/4".  Good enough."  Not with this project.  To make this plan work, numbers have to be exact or else you're going to have some really weird drawers.  But, trust me, it's SO worth it. Lets go into some details, shall we? First off, I have a mild obsession with hardware.  I feel that it's the jewelry of a piece - kind of like back splash in a kitchen.  So, I splurged a little bit for Madison.  (She's such a pretty girl, I couldn't resist.)  I used Anthropology's Gardening Indoors knobs in Aqua, to give it that extra "bling" that it needed. I couldn't find the perfect "slightly" antique white that I wanted, so I actually hand painted this piece.  Let me just say, I never do that.  But this was an an exception.  (Man, I really need to invest in a good paint sprayer.)  Anyway, I finished with two coats of Valspar's Polar White in semi-gloss, purchased at Lowes.  I also primed with Killz Odorless Spray Primer. I tried a new technique with the drawers this time.  Instead of using actual drawer slides, I used 1x2 boards that sit on top of each other and slide.  After using it for a few days, it's been working out just fine!  If you want to use actual drawer slides instead, just build your drawers a bit wider, Making them 27 1/8" wide to accommodate your slides. I figure that I should also explain the artwork sitting on the dresser in the opening shot since all you can see is a dude getting eaten by a shark.  Yikes.  It's a limited edition print by one of my favorite artists, Shag, called "Watson and the Shark".  It was my 1st anniversary gift from my husband.  (First anniversary = paper.  Such a smart boy.) Oh, yeah, and then there's Hooter.  (Anyone get the Captain EO reference?  Even though their Hooter is an elephant...)  I'm going through a pretty serious owl phase right now, and when I spotted him at West Elm on sale a few weeks ago I knew he had to be mine.  I went in for shower curtains, and I came out with Hooter.  Isn't that always how it goes? I'll give you guys a few more detail shots when I get into the moulding in the building plan.  Without further adieu, here are the project plans for the Madison Dresser based on PB Teen's Chelsea Wide Dresser. Continue reading "Madison Dresser"

Madison Bed Cubby

Do you guys ever just feel like there aren't enough hours in the day?  Or, like you need just one more weekend day to get everything done that you wanted to?  That's how I'm feeling right about now.  My husband and I are going out of town next week for our first vacation since our honeymoon, which feels like a really long time even though it was only a year and a half ago.  I feel like I'm trying to push two weeks into one to get everything done.  But, I'm so excited to take a much needed life break next week.  It's hard to relax at home when there's work emails that are coming through every minute and a garage that's constantly calling my name and a voice in the back of my mind telling me I need to get my butt back in the gym and a kitchen that doesn't clean itself and... you guys know what I'm talking about.  Sometimes you just have to leave everything behind and go to Disney World for a week. Anyway, back to business.  I really hope one of you guys builds this bed.  It's just so unexpectedly different and full of storage.  I love it.  Maybe I can talk someone into letting me build it for them... I posted the plans for the platform section of the bed last week, and here is the follow up for the cubby.  Just for fun, here's another view of the back to see the immense amount of storage in this thing. One important thing to note before starting this plan is that you should make sure that your 1x12s are exactly 11 1/2" wide.  This plan is very dependent on standardized board sizes, and if your boards run 11 1/4" wide or smaller, please make note of it and modify accordingly.  Enjoy! Continue reading "Madison Bed Cubby"

Madison Bed Platform

I am now 5 days into building the dresser for the Madison collection.  Not joking.  It took my husband and I 4 days to build and finish our giant pergola in the backyard last summer, and it's going to end up taking me almost a full week of working on the dresser on weekends and every night after work to get it done.  I totally thought I'd be able to post that sucker on Monday.  I even got the hardware for it on Friday thinking it'd be a breeze.  But, alas, there are just so many little details on it that need attention.  Lemme just say, though, that it's turning out super awesome and I've never been more proud of anything I've ever built.  I can't wait to post plans for you guys!  I've been posting work in progress photos on the facebook page if any of you are interested in keeping up. In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to post additional pieces to the Madison collection, just in case you might need a bed to match the gorgeous dresser.  And, this bed is pretty cool.  Based on the Chelsea Platform Bed by PB Teen, there is TONS of storage in this thing. Not only is there the front storage, but if you check out the back view... BAM!  More storage on the back side! I also really like the unique placement of how the mattress sits on the bed.  Unlike typical beds where the headboard is at, well, the head, this one has it on the side.  This bed would be so great for a teenager looking for extra privacy and places to store all of their stuff.  This plan is meant for a queen sized mattress, but the plans are so simple that it would be easy to convert it to a bigger or smaller size. I'm going to separate this bed into 2 sections: the platform and the cubby hutch.  Today I'm posting the platform - check back soon for the hutch! Continue reading "Madison Bed Platform"