Argie Bedside Tables


Well... this is embarrassing.  I've literally been working on these side tables on and off for 2 months.  They were supposed to be for my friend Argie's birthday... in November.  (We have almost the same birthday, mine is the 6th and hers is the 8th.  Cute, right?)  Anyway, the problem was definitely not the building.  That was about an afternoon.  It was the finishing.  How come the finishing always seems to take 10 times longer than the actual building?  And is 10 times less fun?  Anyway, there is a TON of edge banding on these suckers, and it took me a while to get the stain right.  I used 2 coats of Dark Walnut Gel Stain by Varathane, and then one coat of Minwax Jacobean on top to get it a bit darker.  (Which I like to pronounce as Jacko-bean much to the annoyance of my husband.  It's so much more fun than ja-co-be-an, though, isn't it?)  On top of that, there are three coats of Minwax Wipe-On Poly for superior protection and shine.  BTW, this is my first time with wipe on poly, and I must say, it is an amazing product for this lazy girl.  You literally just... wipe it on.  Genius. Anyway, lets move on to the fun stuff.  Like how awesome these bedside tables turned out!  I modeled them after PB Teen's Booknook Bedside Tables, which is such a fun design.  (After staring at these tables for so long, it kinda looks like ET with the big head.  But in a cute way...)  I love all of the extra open storage at the bottom.  It's segmented for better organization.

I'm also a sucker for hardware, and these bedside tables are no exception.  Anthropologie was having a 50% off sale on a lot of their knobs, and I picked these up for half off.  (score!)  Hardware is definitely the "bling" of any furniture, and with Argie meaning "Silver" in Greek, I had to get serious about the bling.

The other great thing about these side tables is that it uses exactly a half piece of plywood.  So, if you're making 2 to match, it works out kinda perfect.  Anyway, enjoy!

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Brina Side Tables


I love building pieces of furniture for other people.  While I definitely love making knock-offs for myself, there's something about using a friend as a loving "client" to build for.  To take their ideas and style and mold it into my own is such a fun challenge for me. Do you guys have that one like-a-sister person in your lives who knows exactly what you're thinking before you even think it?  Enter my super cute, super stylish, BFF, Brina, who has been living with ugly, mis-matched end tables for her master bedroom for WAY too long. Continue reading "Brina Side Tables"