Breaking Down a Pallet

Every few weeks, Brad very lovingly asks me to clean out the garage.  And here is why:
The garage... please don't judge me.
There was once a time, very very long ago, that our garage had nothing in it.  It was quite the accomplishment.  I even remember posting in my facebook status that we were able to park BOTH cars in the garage and that I thought it was pretty awesome.  But, that was a time before I discovered power tools and had about 16 projects going on at one time.  (Like the 99% finished media center sitting in the middle of the floor for my friend Judy that I just can't bring myself to do the last coat of poly on.) Continue reading "Breaking Down a Pallet"

Building a Retaining Wall (pt2)

Waking up today was not easy.  It was one of those mornings where everything hurts - legs, back, arms.  At least I know yesterday's wall-building was an effective workout.  And there was still quite a bit more to get done today. Where we left off yesterday, we still needed to cut the blocks for the side, add the top layer of blocks, and also level out a whole lot of dirt inside of the retaining wall.
Not too shabby for a days work
Continue reading "Building a Retaining Wall (pt2)"

Building A Retaining Wall (pt1)

A few months ago, Brad and I paved an entire patio with a built in pergola all by ourselves.  It was not easy... it took us about about a week and a half to get the whole thing done, but we love it, and it's kinda amazing.
Pergola of awesomeness
But, the worst part of the patio was the digging.  And, there was a lot of digging.  About two full days of it.  And that dirt was awful.  It's not the good dirt that they show you in the how-to Lowes video that we studied before we got started.  That looked like it came up pretty easy.  It was the crappy clay dirt that has been sitting stagnant since probably 1963 when our house was built.  But, the previous owner had a giant shed where our patio now is, and the grass never grew back right. Continue reading "Building A Retaining Wall (pt1)"