About Shane

Shane Strickman lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Brad, and their two furry children.  (Piper, a Maltese pup and Leto, their chubby black cat.)  She works full-time in Visual Effects, primarily on feature films.  Some of her favorite credits include The Muppet Movie, Water For Elephants, and Fright Night (to name a few.)  While making movies takes up her days, Shane’s real passion is for building and home improvement.  Learning from Ana White, her handy step father, and quite a bit of trial and error, Shane loves taking on new projects and making a big impact in her home for a fraction of the price.  Most importantly, she hopes to inspire others to build and take on their own homes – one project at a time.

The name “Old Paint Design” comes from the 1953 western classic “Shane“.  ”I Ride an Old Paint” was one of the few songs that played during the film.

5 Responses to About Shane

  1. Shane, found your site off of Ana’s and great site!! Will be a frequent visitor!


  2. Annie

    I just love what you did with the pottery barn sink console!! was wondering if you could help on a 72in version of the Newport? I am really enjoying your projects! and learning!!

  3. Jessica

    Hi, love your blog! I really want to make the sundra bed. But I have king mattresses , is there any plans for that in king? Thanks!!

  4. Janik

    I just found this website 10 min ago and I fell in love with it!!! I am current high school student in Canada (born in Germany) and I am really into modern furniture making and restoring antiques.
    This websites provides you with so many awesome ideas and tips it’s unbelievable!!

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