Best Laid Plans

IMG_1856 Time to bring on the "before" pictures! As I mentioned in my previous post, we recently purchased a new home (mess).  Located more in the heart of Los Angeles than our last home, our 1940s fixer currently sits at 1130 square feet and is a two bedroom one bath. Our new Hollywood fixer is quite the project.  Not only are we fully renovating the house, we are also doing some minor additions to add to the square footage.  With the expansion, we needed to bring in the big guns along with our general contractor this time around.  We have been working with an excellent architect (Myrle at MDM Architects for any Los Angeles locals), and he and I have come up with some great solutions to maximize the floorpan and really make it work for our family. Below is what our floor plan currently looks like: Existing FP   And, here is what our floor plan will look like in a few months: final_architect_plans_breakdown   In addition to making the home more functional for our family, it also tacks on an extra 200 or so square feet.  A little crazy, huh?  Lets break this down...

Hall Bath

hall_bath The original hall bathroom has been a problem.  All of the sinks in the house have been tilted at a 45 degree angle, removing so much usable space.  The door also opens directly into the toilet, which I imagine is awkward to say the least. IMG_4203 IMG_3840   In this bathroom, everything needs to go.  Not only is it aesthetically disgusting, but the subfloors and drains have been destroyed over the years.  When you walk inside of the bathroom, the carpet (yes, carpet), gives beneath your feet, letting us know that there are structural problems lurking underneath. To open it up, we are also reversing the location of the vanity and the toilet, and squaring off the vanity itself so that we gain that extra corner of living space.

Master Bedroom

master_bedroom   Right now, the master is very... grey.  And, while I am always a lover of grey, for once I don't mean this in a good way. IMG_4198 Right now, there are only two windows in the space, and they are right next to each other at a 90 degree angle.  In order to add more light to the space and also even it out, we are going to be adding one more window on the opposite side to frame out where the bed will go.  We will also be adding french doors to the back wall to add an extra entrance to the backyard. IMG_4199 The existing closet in the master is tiny, so we will be adding a walk-in closet to the master bath.  Meanwhile, we are going to remove the closet that stands and add it to the floor area of the room. In addition to taking out the closet, we will also push the entrance doorway further into the hallway, which will add a full two feet to that side of the room. IMG_4200

Master Bath

master_bath This is the big one.  In order to make this house work for our family, and to add value for resale, we need to add a second bathroom. Below is what our new bathroom looks like now. IMG_1866   See that inset patio?  Yeah.  That will be the new bathroom. Since we are starting from scratch, we are able to pull out all the stops and add in what we want, which is really exciting.  Double sinks, a separate tub and shower, walk in closet... it will be epic.  (And, this means I finally have a place for that clawfoot tub I bought years ago!  Although, it will need a new paint job to coordinate with this house.) You'll also notice the wide doorway entrance into the bath area.  The name of the game with this house is wide doorways and open space, which should make our tiny home feel much larger than it really is. Speaking of opening everything up...

Kitchen, Library, and Laundry

kitchen   It's impossible to talk about these three rooms separately as they are so closely linked together. I need a big kitchen - that's not really negotiable when we are looking for a house.  So, in order to allow for this extra large, U-shaped kitchen with an island, we are adding a corner to the house and building out five feet into the laundry area.  We are also stealing three feet from the library side to further expand the space. Right now, the laundry area is a long, awkward, empty room, so I'm sure it won't mind giving us a few feet for the kitchen. IMG_4196 IMG_4197We will be removing the window and adding a glass door next to the washer and dryer for backyard access.  It's probably for the best that you can't smell these photos, because the subfloor reeks of pet urine.  We are very much looking forward to replacing that and adding floors.  We also need to move the plumbing for the washing machine as we will need the appliances to sit side by side. IMG_4192 The kitchen will be blown open to say the least.  One of the renters clearly updated the cabinets at some point of time, but they are the cheapest of the cheap.  The tile is also cracked and breaking apart, and whoever DIY'd this mess forgot to add grout. IMG_3829 The last remodeler of this home clearly loved their corner sinks... say goodbye, sink! This library entrance from the living room will be opened up with a five foot doorway. IMG_3831 ... And we will remove the purple. IMG_4182 IMG_4183 Yikes.  Unfortunately, we discovered that the textured wall is not paneling, but drywall.  I had no idea they even made drywall this way, and it is terrifying.  If it would have been real paneling, we would have kept it, but alas, it was not meant to be.  It will all be removed and replaced with ordinary drywall, and this will also give us the opportunity to add insulation to this room.

Living Room

IMG_4186 Considering everything else that is going on with the house, the living room is getting off easy.  Overall, it's in pretty good shape.  The room definitely needs a fresh coat of paint and the floors to be refinished, but the bones are good.  Believe it or not, underneath the ugly gold facade is a beautiful brick hearth that needs a good cleaning.  (And a bong.  The last renter left a bong for us in the fireplace.  Ugh...)  The mantle has seen some abuse from the last 30 years of tenants, including nails in the face , but it's nothing some good wood filler can't fix.  We are also adding in recessed lighting to brighten up the space.

Ever's Room

IMG_4204 Like the living room, Ever's room will be an easy update.  Refinished floors, a fresh coat of paint, a new ceiling fan, and a small closet update will finish it off.  Oh, and new window treatments, of course. IMG_4205 Clearly, we have a lot to do.  And, not only are we living in the renovation again, but we are living in it with a toddler.  Wish me luck, friends.  And, send alcohol. xoxo.