Curtain Call

Wow... where to start?  Perhaps with a "where have you been?!" update.  Well, for the last 5 weeks I have been on location helping out the rest of the visual effects team at my company to supervise a movie we've been working on.  It's been long hours on set, plus I still have to be at the office whenever I'm not on set to catch up on all of the work I missed throughout the rest of the week.  So, lots of 6-day weeks, 70 hours a week, and it hasn't left me with a whole lot of "blog updating" time.  I appreciate you guys being ever so patient with me, as usual.  After a month of writing nothing sometimes I'm shocked I still have readers at all! Secondly, today is my one-year blogiversary, so Happy Birthday, OPD!  About 150,000 views and 60 posts later, I'm still here, and I appreciate all of the support, the comments, the encouragement, and everything else that you guys provide that keeps me going.  I've gone through some serious ups and downs with the blog... sometimes updating 3 times a week, sometimes updating once a month, all depending on time and inspiration.  I've made the decision that I'm not going to write anything unless I'm really inspired about it.  Quality vs. quantity.  I'd rather give you guys one really cool project plan rather than 10 iffy project plans.  And, since I'm doing this for fun, because I enjoy it, I'd like to keep it that way.  Fun.  If I stress myself out about getting another 20 posts out a month, it's not fun for me anymore, and I'm sure you guys could read it in my tone if I'm not really feeling it in the post. Last words before I actually get going on my post... a few updates on things that I promised I'd keep you updated on.  The plants in the backyard are now totally dead.  Experiment failed.  The plants in the front yard, however, are still thriving.  I'm starting to think that the backyard is a soil issue rather than a me-being-awful-at-taking-care-of-plants issue.  Although, I'm sure my negligence doesn't help.  I'm still loving our red door, Gaby and Andres are talking about coming over for another build after we finished their awesome kitchen island, and I've managed to go down another size.  (Hooray size 2!)  Meeting with my trainer is the only thing in the entire world that de-stresses me, so at least my weight is on track, even when the rest of my life seems a bit insane! Okay... back to business.  I totally splurged the other day, and I must share because I love them.  We have had some house guests over the past few weeks, and we were looking into getting new sheets for one of our guest beds at Crate and Barrel.  As we're poking around, sheets are very conveniently located right next to window treatments and hardware, and I spotted these.  Finally, the perfect curtains for our bedroom!  I was looking for a pattern that I absolutely loved with grommets, and these fit the bill.  The grey is very slightly darker than our walls, so they blend in yet still add a bit of soft texture. They took a few weeks to arrive at our house, but I was finally able to get them up. We've been having a serious sun issue in our bedroom.  I can't sleep in at all, and I think that's partially due to the fact that the sun streams in super bright every morning.  We have the light shades over the windows that we installed a while ago, and they help, but it's really not enough.  Plus, when we have house guests, anyone standing in the kitchen can look straight through the atrium window into our bedroom.  As much as we enjoy having our family and friends stay with us... we don't like them that much.

On a quick side note, I'm not totally sure how people install curtain rods without a ton of tools.  On the instructions, it said that all you needed was a screwdriver and drill, but I call shenanigans.  I had out my drill, hammer, bit set, level, measuring tape... I had serious gear.  Then again, I like things to be precise.  (I don't want un-level curtains after all!)  So, after about an hour of futzing, they were up!


Perfection.  They don't block out all of the sun, but they definitely make a serious dent, and I'm sleeping much better.  (Perhaps partially due to the exhaustion of coming home from set at 6:30AM after working all night, but I won't account that into the awesomeness of our new curtains.)

My other splurge of that day was the curtain hardware.  I really liked that this style didn't have any super fancy finals.  It's very streamlined and contemporary, which I think goes really nicely in our soft grey bedroom.  We like to keep our bedroom very minimal, and this fits into that.

Also, here's a quick close-up at how our shades and curtains fit together.

I'm kind of in love.  After looking for the perfect curtains for months, I'm so thrilled with these.  I'm even going to say they were totally worth the splurge.  (My sleep is priceless, after all.)

On a totally different note, I also bought myself a little present that arrived on Friday:

Does anyone else have one?  I'm pretty excited to play....

7 Replies to “Curtain Call”

  1. So glad to see you back in action on the blog! And while I certainly wouldn’t object to some Shane the builder posts multiple times a week, I support the need for quality over quantity.

    Speaking of building, oh girl, I desperately need your design planning skillz. We are needing to build a plant table for our balcony, which requires very details specifications. Good news: no fancy cuts required! (Unlike last time with our herringbone bed!)

    Let me know what your schedule over the next month or two is like! I MISS YOU!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about the router table! I just bought a handheld router and it hasn’t been as easy for me to master as a saw or other tools.

  3. These drapes are perfect! Isn’t it surprising how many ready-made drapes are for sale and how awful most of them are? I do wish that I had seen them before I purchased the Grandma version for my bathroom window.

  4. It’s been a whole year and three weeks since I last posted that question and still no reply! No more blogging for you, I suppose. 🙁 Happy New Year anyway!

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