Paint it Red!

I've been in a bit of a creative funk lately.  Do you guys ever get that way?  Where you're just feeling uninspired?  That's how I've felt for about a month.  Work has slowed down a bit, and even though we've still been incredibly busy with a ton of family coming into town and a quick Disney vacation (I'll share more about that in a later post), I just haven't felt inspired to create anything.  Very unlike me, and very weird. Then, Saturday morning, I just woke up, rolled over and said to Brad, "I want to paint the front door."  By now he knows better than to challenge any of my crazy ideas, so I think I got a sleepy "mmmhmm" in response, which I took as a "sure, whatever makes you happy". Just like I've felt a bit uninspired, the front of our house has felt a bit uninspired as well. So much... beige.  And brown.  And white.  And non-colors. Walking into the entry didn't exactly feel like a warm welcome, either.  Between the lack of plants we can't grow on the right side of the walkway and the beige on white on brown color scheme, there's just no "pop". After a quick jaunt to Lowes, we picked up a can of Allen and Roth's Front Door Red (perfect name, huh?).  I already have a ton of paint brushes on hand and several foam rollers left over from Tubby, so the only real expense to this project was the $10 of paint. The original plan was to remove all of the hardware on the door to make painting super easy, but it was a bit trickier to take off than originally assumed.  When we tried to remove the handle part, we realized that from the inside there was a stopper that had been pounded in.  No screws to remove it easily.  So, I decided to just leave it on and paint around it.  It didn't end up being that big of a pain in the end, but it would've been way easier to have just completely removed it. Once I started painting, I realized that I'm too short to be able to see the top of the door well enough to cut in.  So, I did a quick tape job around the glass.  The edges were super easy, and then when I got to the curved top I simply ripped up smaller pieces and then traced around the trim with a small box cutter to remove all of the excess tape. As I was painting, I remembered Young House Love's paint mantra "thin and even layers".  Well, some layers were a bit more even than others, but I kept it super thin so there weren't any splotches as I went. Speaking of thin and even layers, Brad initially tried to help me on this project.  I gave him the roller thinking that would be easier than the "cutting in" portion.  As he held up a goopy roller filled with paint ready to attack the door, I thanked him for his assistance and suggested that this was not the project for him.  I heard him go back in the house and say to Piper: "pup, we've been fired".  Poor husband.  He's really great at jobs that require brute force, like hole digging and demo, but things that require patience and exactness are maybe not his forte.  I'm also a bit bossy.  A bit.  Just saying. First coat of paint and it was looking like a lovely splotchy mess. That was when I realized that I probably wasn't going to finish this project in three coats.  In fact, it took seven.  Seven coats of red paint with the primer baked in.  I was about red-painted out by the end.  Here's a quick progression of the more noticeable coats so you can see how the additional coats made a huge difference. Pretty crazy, huh?  SOOOOO many coats of paint.  Thank goodness it was only one side of one door.  But, it definitely adds that "pop" of color that the front of the house needed.  Not so beige anymore! While there's still quite a bit of work to do in the front yard, like actually planting something near that walkway and replacing the gate in between those ugly concrete posts, we really love the red.  Such a big difference for $10! Have you guys had an inspiring summer?  What gets you guys in the mood to be creative?  Whatever it is, share it with me, please!  I could use some creative energy!

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  1. Love it! I wish I had a door to paint, though… when you inevitably come to my apartment in Orange, you’ll see the, uh, lovely color that our rental front door is painting. Yeah.

    Speaking of which, I MOVE ON FRIDAY! Which means you and I can set up building dates! I have two specific projects that I want to tackle soon, both of which should be REALLY easy. 🙂

    Plus, our doggies should meet.

  2. LOVE that Door!!! Since this is one of my favorite colors, I may be a bit partial!!! Love it, love it!
    I think that this color adds so much character. Brave move. Great thoughts. You definitely achieved your goal of having the door – POP! Terrific job!

  3. Love your red door! The red is perfect! Re-painting our front door will be my early fall project and I am crossing all digits that I can find a “pretty tan in a spray can”. 😉

    I also wanted to mention that your blog is inspiring for me. I built two bedside tables based on Ana White’s farmhouse plans, and after trying to brush paint for the last month (I’m in Ottawa, Canada and this has to be one of the longest, most hot and humid summers in a long time!), I have finally had my “a-ha” spray paint moment!

    Anyway, I love your blog!

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