Chubby Tubby

Boy, oh boy.  Today is a happy Tuesday, my friends.  I have found my new best friend and bathtub, Chubby Tubby.  (Name is subject to change as we spend more time together.) Some of you may remember a LONG time ago when I promised you all a guest bathroom renovation.  Well, friends, we are one step closer to gutting the disgusting blue palace.  Today, through the power of craigslist, I have acquired my new best friend the claw foot tub.  For any of you who have done bathtub research, you know that a new cast iron claw foot ranges anywhere between $2,000-6,000, so I was so thrilled when I bought this beauty for $300.  Even better, I paid an extra $25 for the guy to deliver it straight to my house and drop it into my garage. Other than a chip or two on the lip, the inside of the tub is pristine.  That's always the thing with antique tubs, you almost always need to have it refinished.  There was no rust to be found anywhere, just an ugly paint job on the outside.  (I learned from watching Sarah's House on HGTV that the thing to look for when buying an old tub is to check if there's any rust or cracking along the drain or near the feet.  Those are the warning signs that your tub may not last very long.) Speaking of Sarah's House, she's a big part of the reason I've always wanted a claw foot tub.
Sarah's House Tub
How fun is that yellow?  Ever since, I've always wanted to restore an old tub and paint the outside to add a punch of color to the bathroom. A few months ago, when West Elm was having their bath sale, I picked up this River Rock Shower Curtain loving how fun and youthful it was: Since then, that aqua has been a big part of the color inspiration for the bathroom.  I had originally wanted a clean, white washed look for the bathroom, but since the shower curtain purchase I've been a bit color happy.  Speaking of color, I also love the light blue that is on the walls in their advertisement photo above and how it offsets the teal in the curtain. Not sure what to paint my new tub, I headed over to Design Seeds to see what kind of color palette would coordinate with what I had already planned.  When I came across "Island Play", I knew I had a winner. Time to break down my thinking. Lets all imagine for a minute that the tub gets painted that darker blue color second from the top on the swatch.  (Don't mind my terrible 5 minute photoshop). And, while I'm usually a huge fan of grellow, lets change that color to a deep brown to represent the dark plank tile that we have in mind for the floors. When you put together the whole picture, you get something like this: That doesn't look too crazy, right?  Maybe I'm just on a bathtub high right now, but that all seems to work pretty cohesively.  BTW, the wall tile pictured above was my cheap-o purchase from Habitat for Humanity that I got when shopping for my shutter for the pinterest challenge.  And, of course, I'm sure a few of you remember Napoleon the vanity that I built to replace the ugly pedestal sink. So, the bottom line is that it's all coming together.  Slowly.  But it's inspiring me more and more every day to start the gut.  We keep pinching our pennies and getting one element at a time.  But, I think the next big purchase will be a contractor to fix the plumbing.  That in itself is exciting since that means we'd be taking that step after demo is complete and the gut has commenced. Anyway, the tub arrives at Casa Strickman on Saturday afternoon... looks like I have my weekend project all planned out!  Do you guys have any weekend projects to tackle now that it's getting warm outside?  Anyone else taking their sweet time on a big project?

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  1. Love all you’re doing and how you inspire with all you do!!!
    Our next project is a storage shed for all the projects I intend to do……the vintage windows( a greenhouse) the old doors(chicken coop) etc.!!!

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