Madison Bed Platform

I am now 5 days into building the dresser for the Madison collection.  Not joking.  It took my husband and I 4 days to build and finish our giant pergola in the backyard last summer, and it's going to end up taking me almost a full week of working on the dresser on weekends and every night after work to get it done.  I totally thought I'd be able to post that sucker on Monday.  I even got the hardware for it on Friday thinking it'd be a breeze.  But, alas, there are just so many little details on it that need attention.  Lemme just say, though, that it's turning out super awesome and I've never been more proud of anything I've ever built.  I can't wait to post plans for you guys!  I've been posting work in progress photos on the facebook page if any of you are interested in keeping up. In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to post additional pieces to the Madison collection, just in case you might need a bed to match the gorgeous dresser.  And, this bed is pretty cool.  Based on the Chelsea Platform Bed by PB Teen, there is TONS of storage in this thing. Not only is there the front storage, but if you check out the back view... BAM!  More storage on the back side! I also really like the unique placement of how the mattress sits on the bed.  Unlike typical beds where the headboard is at, well, the head, this one has it on the side.  This bed would be so great for a teenager looking for extra privacy and places to store all of their stuff.  This plan is meant for a queen sized mattress, but the plans are so simple that it would be easy to convert it to a bigger or smaller size. I'm going to separate this bed into 2 sections: the platform and the cubby hutch.  Today I'm posting the platform - check back soon for the hutch! Estimated Cost: $100


Dimensions as shown above.

Shopping List:


1 - 2x2 @ 8 feet long 12 - 2x4 @ 8 feet long 2 - Sheets of 3/4" plywood, ripped to 18 1/2" x 96" (will be referred to as 1x19s from now on.) 4 - Pieces of 3/4" x 3/4" moulding or casing @ 8 feet long (model is shown with 3/4" half round.)

Hardware and Supplies:

4 - 4" bun feet of your choice 2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws 3" Screws 1 1/4" Finishing Nails Wood Glue Wood Filler Medium Grit Sandpaper Primer or Wood Conditioner Paint or Stain


Kreg Jig Miter Saw Circular or Jig Saw Drill Finishing Nailer Sander Level Measuring Tape Carpenter’s Square Safety Glasses

Cut List:

12 - 2x2 @ 7 1/2" - Inside Feet 2 - 2x4 @ 87" - Side (long) 10 - 2x4 @ 71" - Side (short) and Slats 4 - 1x19 @ 87" - Platform Top Moulding cut to fit

General Instructions:

Make sure to re-measure and check for square after every step.  Sometimes when building your measurements can be off very slightly, and it’s important that your numbers are exact.  (Especially when working with doors and drawers!)  Measure your available space before building this plan to make sure that it will fit.  Please read through the entire plan before getting started.

Step 1:

Build the outside frame using either your Kreg Jig and 2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws or by countersinking 2 1/2" screws through the long ends.  Remember to use wood glue - these joints need to be tight!

Step 2:

Secure your bed slats to the outer frame by either using your Kreg Jig or countersinking from the outside.  There should be an 11 1/4" gap from each of the outside slats to the inside edge, and 10 1/2" in between all of your center slats.

Step 3:

Add the last set of slats to the inner corners of your bed frame.  If you're using a Kreg Jig, which is my preferred method of attachment, make sure to put a few screws into the center of these end slats, attaching them to the outside for even more security.

Step 4:

Attach your bun feet to the 2x4 end slats as per the manufacturers instructions.  (Typically they just screw into the bottom after you pre-drill the hole.)

Step 5:

Attach center feet to your slats as shown above using 3" screws and wood glue.  The top of your 2x2 should be flush with the top of your slat.  Make sure that these are extremely secure as they will be holding a bulk of the weight for your bed.

Step 6:

Attach your 1x19s to the platform by either using Kreg screws from your 2x4s underneath or by securing it with 2" screws countersunk from the top.

Step 7:

Add trim moulding around the perimeter of the top of your platform with 1 1/4" finishing nails and wood glue, mitering your corners.  Make sure that you don't pre-cut your moulding before finishing the bed.  It should be cut to fit.


Finish your project as desired.  Make sure to sand it down with medium grit sand paper and fill in all your holes with wood filler before tackling that paint or stain.  For more tips on finishing, visit The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Finishing.

6 Replies to “Madison Bed Platform”

    1. Hi Andy! That would be so fun to build with your dad! I use Google Sketch-up to model my project plans. It’s a free program that you can download. Let me know if you have any questions learning the software, I’m happy to help! Also, if there’s something specific you’d like to build with him, I’d be happy to draw up project plans for you guys.

  1. Thank you so much for this bed plan! I really wanted a bed like this and now I can build it by myself. I saw a bed similar to this on PBteen but it was too expensive! THANKS SO MUCH! <3

  2. Shane,

    Thank you so much for the inspiration. My 10-year old daughter loved this when I showed her your plans. I am nearly done with the platform component and hope to get to the cubby component sometime next week. Her bedroom is going through a complete transformation and she is VERY excited. Thank you very much.


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