Firenze Dining Table

Surprise!  Weekend post!  Thanks so much Serena for requesting these plans!  Such a great suggestion.  I love the simplicity and substance of Pottery Barn's Toscana Fixed Round Table, but their version is HUGE.  (72" in diameter - who has a dining room that fits that?!)  So, I made my version a slightly more practical size at 48" in diameter.  The other reason I did this is that it is much easier to find a 48" round at blue or orange than a 72" round, and it will save you quite a bit of money.  It also makes it easier to cut-out if you decide to go that route since you need exactly half a sheet of plywood and won't have to have any cut lines down the middle.  This table would also look great with a 48" square top.  (Ah, the wonders of building and getting exactly what you want.) Hope you guys are all having a great weekend! Estimated Cost: $50-100


See above for dimensions.  Tabletop is 48" in diameter.

Shopping List:


A few 1x2 scraps (optional) 3 - 2x4 @ 8 feet long 1 - 4x4 @ 10 feet long 1 - 48" Unfinished round tabletop or 1/2 piece of 3/4" plywood* cut at 48" diameter. (If you decide to cut your round from the plywood, I would recommend investing in one of these jigs to achieve a perfect circle.  In my opinion, a jig is never a bad investment.) *Like Ana White, I am committed to only using Pure Bond plywood in my home so as not to slowly kill off my family with formaldehyde.

Hardware and Supplies:

2 1/2" Pocket Hole Screws 1 1/4" Finishing Nails 2" Finishing Nails Wood Glue Wood Filler Medium Grit Sandpaper Primer or Wood Conditioner Paint or Stain Tools: Kreg Jig Miter Saw Jigsaw if cutting your own tabletop (or router if you decide to purchase the jig listed above.) Nailer Drill Sander Level Measuring Tape Carpenter’s Square Safety Glasses

Cut List: 

12 - 1x2 @ 1" - Side Trim (optional) 2 - 2x4 @ 17 1/4" - Top X (short) 1 - 2x4 @ 38" - Top X (long) 4 - 2x4 @ 26 1/2" on the long side (miter your corners at 45 degrees) - Aprons 2 - 2x4 @ 18 1/4" - Stretcher (short) 1 - 2x4 @ 38" - Stretcher (long) 4 - 4x4 @ 29" - Legs

General Instructions:

Make sure to re-measure and check for square after every step.  Sometimes when building your measurements can be off very slightly, and it’s important that your numbers are exact.  (Especially when working with doors and drawers!)  Measure your available space before building this plan to make sure that it will fit.  Please read through the entire plan before getting started.

Step 1:

Attach your "Top X" boards together as shown above using your Kreg Jig.

Step 2:

Using your Kreg Jig and wood glue, attach your legs to the outside of your 2x4 "X" base.

Step 3:

Add the stretcher legs to the underside of the table using your Kreg Jig, leaving a 7" gap underneath them on the legs.  (I would attach the long, 38" piece first before attaching my shorter pieces.)

Step 4:

This step has the potential to be a bit tricky.  Your aprons should be mitred at a 45 degree angle, and they should measure 26 1/2" on the long sides.  (Be sure to re-measure your base before you make these cuts as you want them to slide in exactly.)  Once your pieces are cut, predrill your Kreg holes, and then glue and nail them in place before putting in the final screws.  This should help you keep the pieces in place and get a perfect line-up.

Step 5:

Flip over your base and lay it on top of your tabletop.  Screw them together from the underside, attaching it at the X.  (For additional support, you can also drill some Kreg holes into the insides of your aprons and screw it into this as well.)  Remember to use wood glue!

Step 6:

This step is optional, but it adds a little "somethin'-somethin'" to your table legs and gets you closer to the PB design.  Take some scrap 1x2s and attach them to your legs using finishing nails and wood glue as shown above.  They should be on the opposite sides of your 2x4s.   Finish your project as desired!  For tips on finishing, check out the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Finishing.

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