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A week ago, Sherry from YHL and Katie from Bower Power posted their seasonal Pinterest Challenge.  Of course I had to participate!  (Even Ana's getting involved in this one!) My inspiration was the very first thing I ever posted on Pinterest.  (Aww... pause for a moment of sentiment.)  I saw this shutter used for mail sorting and thought it was an amazing idea.  I always like to give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately the link to my picture of this is broken.  If anyone knows where this came from - please let me know!  I'd love to give the creator credit for their great idea.

There's not a whole lot of room in our entryway.  Someday I will have my beautiful mudroom with a built in bench and places to store shoes... but not in this house.  In this house, we are pretty limited in space when it comes to the entry.

I've got one wall to work with, and I'm going to try to make it count.  I would like a general organization system along with maybe some fun art or pictures and some kind of purse/key hanging device.  (Plans for that will be coming in the near future.)  So, this shutter is only a start, but in my opinion it's a good start.

My journey started with a trip to the local ReStore.  There are just so many gems there, it was hard to pass them up.  But, when you have no one to give them to and no place in your house to put them, there's no point.  Besides, finishing (or refinishing) is the worst part, right?  The building is the fun stuff.  But, here are a few of the pieces I fell in love with:

Wouldn't that hutch just be beautiful in a clean shade of turquoise?

I always thought it would be fun to breathe new life into an old piano.  Paint it something crazy and give it a name.

I also thought this desk would be really cute to turn into a vanity for a little girl.  Alas, I have no little girl.  It will have to wait for someone else!

But, I did not go home empty handed.  Not only did I find my shutter (more on that in a moment), but remember how I plan on tiling the guest bathroom bath/shower area in a herringbone pattern from white subway tile?  I found the coolest 3x6 subway tile for $15/box.  (A little over 10 sq feet per box.)  It's white, but it has a slightly beveled edge on it, adding a bit of dimension to the tile.

Can you guys see the bevel?  I thought it was pretty awesome.  So, I bought them out.  I'm not sure if it's enough to do the whole shower... I might have to do some kind of border and/or top element.  (Any ideas?)  I'll get creative when the time comes.  But, for now, I love the tile.  And, I'm also loving the things that are coming out of the husband's mouth regarding the bathroom renovation.  Things like, "well, since we already have all of this stuff maybe we SHOULD get started on gutting that bathroom...".  My methods of persuasion are working.

Anyway, back to the shutter.  They always have an entire aisle dedicated to broken down doors/shutters at my restore.  (They also have one dedicated to old windows... I've been trying to think of a good reason to buy one of those for months.)

It was a tough choice.  There were two that I really liked that were both very different, but I decided to go with the shorter, wider one since I wanted the available wide space for my mail.

So, Mr. Shutter came home with me, at the tune of $10.  Woo to the hoo. I gave him a little bit of prep love, but not a whole lot.  He didn't really need it.  There wasn't any paint chipping off, and the white base paint acted as a great primer, so I didn't bother priming either.  I did give it a light sanding to rough up the smooth surface a bit, and I removed these ugly half hinges on the sides.

Once it was prepped, I brought it inside for painting.  (Because I'm seriously behind on watching Ringer and thought I'd get some Tivo time in while painting my shutter.  I'm, like, 3 episodes behind.  Are anyone else's DVRs consistently 80% full?)

So, here's where things took an initial turn for the worse.  I didn't trust my instincts, and I did something dumb.  I decided to use up a sample of paint that I had bought months ago to use on our outdoor fireplace instead of buying a new can of spray paint.  I know, I know, I always say that regular paint is practically the devil.  I should have listened to my own advice.  Because my shutter started to look like this:

Womp womp.  Ugly.  So, I scratched the idea of painting the shutter by hand and bought my typical can of $4 spray paint in "Hunt Club Gren" with a satin finish.

I didn't even bother sanding off my ugly mess of bad paint, I just spray painted over the whole thing.  Much, much better.

I already owned the other half of a picture hanging kit from Home Depot after hanging our guest bathroom mirror, so after letting my pretty shutter dry overnight, I followed the instructions attaching it on the back of the shutter and hung it onto the wall.  It's super easy to install - you don't even need any legit tools.  Just a hammer.

Ta da!  Super easy.  Honestly, the most time spent on this project was probably the shopping.  (Mostly because I can't resist the ReStore.)  And, if I would've not screwed up the painting the first time around, it would have been even quicker.  I really should learn to trust my instincts about painting things, but the allure of "free paint" just sounded too good.

I still have a TON of wall space to fill, but I have big plans for it.  One step at a time, right?  In the meantime, I'm loving my shutter mail holder.  (And it will be perfect for holiday cards!)

Not too shabby for a less than $15 investment, huh? What did you guys end up doing for the Pinterest Challenge?  Did you have as much fun as I did?

4 Replies to “Shutter Mail Catcher”

  1. this looks great! i visited my local salvation army thrift shop recently and i saw these shutters for like 2.99! i can’t believe i didn’t snatch them up. i went back looking for them and they were gone 🙁

    also, love the colour of green you chose. i sprayed some picture frames that same colour, and they turned out fantastic.

    i need somewhere to keep my mail. this is such a great idea. my mail area is a total mess! i call it one of my hot spots that martha stewart talks about. clean your hot spots regularly, she says! lol.

    also, that little desk reminds me of an old fashioned letter desk that i have in my daughter’s bedroom. it can be seen here, in the far corner of the room:

    1. Wow – $2.99?! What a steal! I’ve done the same thing, though, where you have non-buyer’s remorse. Such a disappointment when you go back to get them!

      I just clicked over to your blog – love your frames! I love how you mixed and matched the finishes!

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