Halloween at Casa Strickman

Happy Halloween, everyone!  We were getting a bit festive over the weekend in preparation for the holiday, so I thought I'd share what we were up to. Usually Brad and I aren't really that into holidays.  Maybe it's because we don't have kids yet - I know we'll enjoy them more when that happens.  (A long time from now.  Far, far in the distant future.)  But, the one holiday we always enjoy is Halloween.  It's sandwiched into a pretty busy time for us: the week before is our anniversary and the week after is my birthday, but it's especially fun now that we have our house to get into the decorations and the trick-or-treaters.  (Last year on Halloween we were on our honeymoon, so we missed out on all the local fun.)  It's very strange, though... we're the only crazy people in our entire neighborhood that decorated our front yard with Halloween decorations.  Maybe we missed the memo? Anyway, here's a view of our front door all decked out and ready for trick-or-treaters.

 It's no haunted house, but we definitely put in some extra effort.  (And, since we're the only ones on the block who decorated, we clearly have the best yard by default.)

My favorite part of our little outdoor set-up are these cute little pumpkin lights we picked up at Target.

Brad's extra touch was this gargoyle tombstone.  It was one of those moments where I turned around for a moment and then it was in our shopping cart.  While it doesn't really fit into our theme, I think it actually looks pretty cool on its own with the arm creeping out.  Besides, it could always be worse.  It could be a Beyonce.  (Side note: the husband directs music videos and the mannequin arm is from a shoot he just finished.  The other 3 destroyed mannequins he used are still in my garage.  Naked.  And they stare at me every time I build in there.  It's kinda creepy.  So, just in case he's reading this and wants to get them out of my man space, I would not be opposed.  Just saying.)

We also had a trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend and picked up a few little beauties.  BTW, in Los Angeles, a pumpkin patch is a tent in the Sears parking lot.  It makes me miss the days when you could get one off of the vine.  But, we still had a really good time picking out of pumpkins.

When I was younger, we never used to carve pumpkins in our house.  I painted quite a few pumpkins in my day, but the only carving that was done was for school projects.  So, since I am an inexperienced carver, I left the carving up to Brad and left mine alone on the front.  I figure that this way I can keep them on the front doorstep until Thanksgiving as a "fall" decoration... or at least as long as they last.  Brad's turned out awesome, though.  I was really impressed.

I helped out a little bit with the pumpkin adventure... I helped spoon out the guts.  I hate being wasteful, so i roasted up the pumpkin seeds while he carved.  They were the perfect fall snack.

And, we weren't the only ones getting festive this weekend.  Piper was forced into wearing wore her awesome bat costume just long enough for me to take 100 pictures.  Her ultimate favorite toy is this black and purple bat that my mom got her last Halloween, so this year when I spotted the black and purple bat costume, it was fate.

Our cat, Leto, dressed up, too... as a black cat.  Man, she nailed it.

What did you guys do over the weekend to get ready for Halloween?  Carve any pumpkins?  Stock up on candy?  Is anyone else the only one on their block to decorate for Halloween?

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  1. Hey, there are a few real pumpkin patches around. They are not in the city so you need to do a bit of driving but it’s a fun little day trip. We just saw a huge one in Oxnard right off of the 101 and I am pretty sure I have seen another one near Thousand Oaks off of the 101. Maybe next year!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love that blog entry “Pick your battles”! I saw it a few months ago and literally laughed out loud! It made me want a Beyonce 🙂

    I love going to the Bate’s Nut Farm in Escondido. It would be a drive for you, but it is a great place.

    1. I totally laughed out loud, too! I was sitting at work reading it and I think all of my coworkers thought I was insane.

      I’ll have to check that place out! I had no idea there were legit places in socal to go! Next year, I am SO not getting my pumpkins roadside. Thanks, Erica!

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