Napoleon Vanity Reveal

I got a special delivery from our countertop installers on Saturday morning… Napoleon’s home!  And all decked out with a beautiful new carrara marble countertop.

As a refresher, let me take you back a few days ago to remind you of the ugly that was our pedestal sink.

Yeah.  A whole lot of ugly.  Removing him on Friday night was one of the great joys so far of this bathroom.  (What else do we do on a Friday night, right?  Exciting times at Casa Strickman.)  You know how much I hated that sink when even having no sink at all was a moment of beauty and promise.  It came up super easy.  The only thing holding the old sink in place was the P-trap.  It wasn’t bolted to the ground or secured to the wall.  (But somehow it managed to leave some awesome marks on the back wall.  Maybe someone tried to caulk it in?)  Even the top and bottom pieces of the pedestal were completely separate.  In an earthquake heavy environment like we live in, this is a big no-no.  It made me even happier he was leaving us.  I even took a picture to commemorate his absence.

 I feel like the new vanity turned out even better than expected.  I’m absolutely loving the custom backsplash that the installers made to emulate the Single Mini Lucca Sink Console from Pottery Barn.  I brought them in a picture when I picked out the marble, and they whipped it right up.

Lets just take one more moment to admire Laura the faucet, shall we?  She’s just so pretty, I can’t resist.

And, since I’m such a big fan of detail shots, here’s a closer look at the beautiful marble stone.  The countertop installers did a fantastic job.  They definitely picked out the best piece of the marble with the most texture to use.

I also did a quick side-by-side to see how close I got to the real thing.  There are a few minor differences in Pottery Barn’s version and mine.  Looking back, I wish that when I reduced the width of my vanity by 7 inches that I would’ve trimmed out the doors with 1x2s rather than 1x3s to make up for this lost space.  I feel like that would’ve gotten me a tad closer to the real look.  I also used a baseboard for the bottom trim rather than their cut-out, but that’s just because of personal preference.  The other big difference is that the Pottery Barn version cost $1700 for the vanity, plus an $125 delivery fee, plus the $300-500 faucet kit.  All inclusive, mine cost a grand total of $665.  Other than that, I think it’s pretty darn close!  What do you guys think?

Psst… here’s a quick look back on how the vanity came to be.  Click here for the building plans and here to see how all of the accessories were picked out.

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10 Responses to Napoleon Vanity Reveal

  1. Wow your vanity turned out fabulously! Love the marble & faucet — personally I really like the modern lines of your hack better than the original. :)

    • As always, thanks so much, Martina! I was so happy when the dropped it off back at home. It was hard to envision it all together, but I’m so happy it turned out well!

  2. eesh

    Beautiful work! I found your site from Ana’s and I just love seeing the things you make!

  3. Nile B.

    Absolutely super close Shane. It’s an amazing piece. I agree, the smaller trim pieces on the door would have been nice, but a minor detail. What an amazing outcome!

  4. Shelly

    Great job! I personally like yours better.
    Love Pottery Barn, but really dislike their prices.

  5. This is amazing. Great job!

  6. wendy

    Wow Beautiful… you’re inspiring me!!!

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