Napoleon’s Accessories

Ah, Napoleon.  I love him more and more every day.  And by him, I mean my new vanity.  I love him so much that he, and also some of his bling, have official names.  The husband may commit me soon. We left off in the big "knob debate" of 2011, where I asked you guys to help me choose which one to go for: blue or silver.

And the winner is....


Thanks so much Stacy and Erica for your help!  You guys totally made the right choice.  Once Stacy reminded me of how I already hate that blue "tile" so much and how the blue knobs would further amplify the ugly, they were out of the picture.  These were the original knobs I had put into my style board, and it's so like me to go back to my original snap decision even after quite a bit of thought.

Here's a view of the full vanity with all of the knobs.  Ohh la la.

A few months ago, Brad and I were wandering around our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I found this beautiful brand new top mount sink.  (I figured this would be the catalyst for getting my long awaited vanity project on the road.)

Even better yet?  The $30 price tag.  Score.

With those two decisions easily made, the most difficult choice for me was definitely the faucet.  I wanted something inexpensive, yet elegant.  something that would have fit into the Pottery Barn catalog without being the $500 Pottery Barn price.  My first stop is always Home Depot, being that it's the closest hardware store to my house and the employees at our local one are practically friends.  I've also figured out a pretty great Home Depot scam... they accept competitors discounts.  And, since Lowes offers 5% off every purchase with your Lowes card, if you remind a Home Depot employee of this and have their competitor's card handy they will give you 5% off your total purchase.  So, I can drive less, have great customer service, AND get a discount on all of my purchases?  Sounds like a great deal to me.  And, you don't need to have a Home Depot card to cash in.  Just a Lowes card.  (I must say, though, that I only use my 5% off scam when I'm making purchases at least over $50.  It doesn't seem worth annoying the employees over a few pennies.)

Anyway, in the faucet department, Home Depot was a total bust.  There were a few choices that I kinda sorta liked, but nothing that I loved.  For the first time ever, I left Depot empty handed.

The next night after leaving the office, I went to Lowes hoping for a better turn out.  I went to their faucet department, which they call "fashion plumbing", and there were several employees taking apart displays to make room for next season's loot.  (Anyone else not know that your faucet may not be in season?  For a moment I felt like I was in Prada.)  They told me that around the corner they had a bunch of faucets from last season on clearance, which is where I fell in love.

Sleek and unique in all its brushed nickel glory.  I must say, I practically snuggled the faucet all the way home.  I even named it Laura.  It just sounded like a classy name.

Better yet, check out this discount.

Almost 50% off?  Yes please!  I was so ready to spend $100 on a faucet going into this but was thrilled to find something that I loved for half the price.

With Napoleon, Laura, and my ReStore sink in hand (err, car), I headed off to my countertop installer.  When we were getting our kitchen countertops installed, our installer had mentioned that they have a ton of remnants sitting in their shop that they sell for seriously discounted rates.  This was the perfect time to check it out.  I knew exactly what I wanted going in: white and grey carrara marble just like the Pottery Barn version.  So, when I spied this remnant piece in the yard I knew I had to have it.

Total price of the real marble slab, fancy backsplash (like this one), installation, and free delivery?  $475.  The real thing isn't cheap, but considering that we spent $750 for one slab only  when we were doing our kitchen countertops, this seems very reasonable.  So, I left Napoleon with my awesome countertop people and look forward to getting him back looking gorgeous next week.

So, since all of the pieces have been bought, lets see how we did budget-wise:

Lumber: $40 (I already had the plywood leftover from Brina's Side Tables, so I only had to purchase a few boards and molding.) Drawer Slides and Hinges: $25 One can of Rustoleum Heirloom White Spray Paint: $4 One can of KILLZ spray primer: $6 Anthropology knob hardware: $32 Sink: $30 Faucet: $53 (with additional 5% off Lowes discount) Carrara Marble countertop: $475 Grand Total: $665 Could I have gone cheaper?  Absolutely.  I could have not bought my expensive Anthropology hardware and real carrara marble countertop and saved a few hundred dollars.  But, when it comes down to it, this vanity is a semi-permanent piece of my home, and I want it to be quality.  Plus, the marble factor adds value to our home.  I'm also going to sell the ugly pedestal sink that we currently have on Craigslist once we install the new one, so I'll deduct that cost from the final total once it's sold. Overall - I just can't wait to have Napoleon home!   Psst... click here to see the plans and read the post about building the vanity and here to see the finished product.

8 Replies to “Napoleon’s Accessories”

  1. This vanity is going to look fabulous when it is completely finished. Seriously. And that faucet is a beauty (having a little jealousy over the brushed nickel gooseneck).
    And hey, if you can afford a splurge like marble then I say go for it. People like high-class materials like marble & other stone (I know I do!) the double plus side is it is durable and will last too! (just like the solid wood in your vanity).

  2. Looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see the finished Napolean! Love your creativity in choosing the accessories – as I believe they would say in the “Prada” world.

  3. Wow, all I can say is that you are a trooper, with the conviction of, well, of Napoleon. I was pleased at your fairly close recreation of that console and then I asked myself how you would approach that gorgeous marble, and well, I’m just amazed that you actually landed getting that amazing marble. When everything is said and done, that price is an anthill compared to that mountain of a price at Pottery Barn. Hooray, I’m happy to be following you and seeing what other ingenious projects you come up with.

    1. Thanks so much, Nile! It’s been a really fun project to see it all come together. I was shocked to find that carrara marble sitting around the stone yard, too! I spotted it right away, and the employee showing me around was surprised when I said i was done looking around and had already found my piece. Thanks for validating my “splurge”, and more importantly, thanks for reading! Make sure to join me on facebook and post pictures of your work- I’d love to see all of your projects, too!

      1. Sadly, I live in NYC and don’t have the space for diy woodworking. If I did, I’d be attacking the many amazing designs you have. For now, it is living vicariously through your adventures and bidding my time 🙂 Keep them coming!

        1. Thanks so much, Nile! I must admit, I would totally miss my garage living in NYC. But, the city is so beautiful! Especially this time of year in the fall!

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